How we can build your brand online

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Colour and illustration are our favourite elements of design and are great at giving your brand a personal touch. Whether it's a breakfast plate, a group of ladies or animated Christmas GIF, we transfer pen and paper doodling into digital content. 

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Branding & Identity

In order to have a kick ass online presence, you need to have a consistent, stand out brand identity. You'll tell us who your audience are and how you want to reach them, and we'll work out the design bits in-between. Once we've decided on your logo and colour palettes we can get to work on creating all the fun bits like business cards, stickers, leaflets and social media banners. 

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Website Design

Anyone can create a website now, but do you know how to make one that looks cool whilst telling your story and turning views into customers? Using a platform like Squarespace to host your website we'll train you up before it's finished so you know exactly how to manage and continue using it. It will be mobile responsive and we can connect all your social accounts, sort out your SEO and content layout to improve your search visibility.

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Infographics & Social Media

Do you have a bunch of boring text that you want to bring to life? Are you presenting your research and want to give it a va va voom? Surprisingly, we enjoy deciphering chunks of text and use colour and good font to tell the story. If cool social media content is what you're after to engage your customers online, we can send you away with eye-catching graphics and a simple strategy to pull in followers or clients or whoever you're after (within reason).