step 1.png

Step One

What is it that you want? To make sure we're on the same page we'll find out what your brand's story is and how you want to tell it, or what your project is and how you envision it looking. 

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Step Two

Ideology. This is our favourite bit where we sketch out all our ideas for branding and strategy. We'll send you a mood board with colour scheme and identity drafts and ask you to choose your favourite. 

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Step Three

Concept development. Whether it's an infographic, website or branding suite you're after, this is when ideas come to life. We'll design all the elements you're after so you know exactly what they'll look like and how they'll work.

step 4.png

Step Four

The most exciting bit for you - launch or upload! All the designs will be finished now and ready to send off into the big wide world, accompanied with some PDF resources for you so you know how to continue to use and manage what we've created.