Plastics Are Becoming Our Oceans


The UK Government have finally made a move on tackling the unnecessarily excessive use of plastics in England. There has been a monumental decrease in the number of plastic bags being used in retail after the 5p price introduction which bodes well for our efforts to decrease plastic use in other areas. Things like straws, coffee cups, water bottles and excess packaging are all uses of plastics we can decrease the use of imminently. Ask for your drink without a straw, take your own reusable water bottle when you leave the house, stop buying your fruit and veg in plastic wrapping when they already come with natural wrappers from nature. 

Not every plastic can be recycled, and most take thousands of years to decompose and hundreds of pounds to put through a recycling plant. There's tons of research on our oceans becoming less and less rich with marine life with coral bleaching and increasing water temperatures happening faster than ever before. Pollution is a huge contributor to this, but also a problem we are able to tackle individually. 

Remember to take your reusable bags to the shops, buy as much food as you can without extra packaging and stay away from one use items like disposable razors and take-away coffee cups.

We can make a difference and start saving our ocean and environment from the suffocating levels of plastic that are getting dumped across the world.