Creating a digital presence for your brand using illustration & design

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I’m a designer with a conscience; specialising in digital design and illustration to help you tell your story with engaging content and personalised visuals. Raising awareness about social topics like plastic consumptionfeminism and the #freeperiods movement is important to me too, so I've written about them in my blog, as well as my top marketing and design tips to improve your business.


Branding & Illustration

Need to add some personality to your business or project? I create branding suites and illustrations that tell your story and engage your audience. 

Website Design

It's important to have an online presence for your business. But do you know how to make one? I use a web building platform like Squarespace to create websites that you can continue to manage and update in the future. 


Words of Wisdom

I love learning new things and thought you might too. I’m pretty clued up on marketing and design so have shared my top tops for free like How to make a GIF  and SEO for beginners.

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What clients think

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