Friday, 10 November 2017

Stories Of Dementia

Stories of Dementia has been my biggest project this year. Dr Katie Featherstone is challenging the stereotype of dementia and asked me to help with illustrations and the build of her brand. She was keen to eliminate any connection with the brain or isolation, putting emphasis on family, community and the importance of communication. Using colourful illustrations to bring to life words about her studies and events, the Stories of Dementia website is a platform for people with, and friends and family of, dementia. 

Animations, illustrations, posters, logos and team emoji's have been used to add personality and informality to the brand, branching the reader with information. I've used both vector images created on Illustrator, and hand drawn illustrations on Procreate to give the fun, personalised look that Katie wanted. The website is the best place to explore the brand and find out what it's all about, and there's much more to come.. watch this space

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