Wednesday, 5 April 2017

April Wallpaper

This week's wallpaper is both pretty and useful! I've made the borders wider than originally planned to make room for the mess of files that most of us store on our desktop. The calendar should be useful too as time is going way too quick for me to know what the date is off the top of my head! I was supposed to upload this on the 1st of the month but April happened a lot faster than I had realised.

Today marks us being 6 months in Australia - how crazy! We still have to pinch ourselves that we're really here! It's starting to get pretty cold though now in Melbourne as winter is setting in. I think the temperature is on par with the UK at the moment and we do not have enough layers for that..! Our next adventure is all booked now - I'm heading off to Bali on Monday to meet my best friend for 2 weeks (excited doesn't cut it) and Tom's off to Coffs Harbour to start his farm work. Seems quite bitter sweet that our 3 month in Melbourne is almost over. Unfortunately we haven't had enough money to truly experience the culture of Melbourne which revolves around good food and drink, but it's also a city we could really see ourselves settling in. The suburbs of Fitzroy and Collingwood remind us a lot of Leeds and made us feel really at home. We have also been pleasantly surprised by the beauty and quietness of Melbourne's beaches. We were told that Sydney was the place for beaches, but Brighton and Sandringham have been so beautiful and quiet - think clear blue waters and the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen! Have a look on the right at my Instagram feed - full of Melbourne's beaches and sunsets.
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