Friday, 7 July 2017

Derriere: Branding & Web Design

For my final year project of my Undergraduate degree we were asked to create a product and a digital presence for it. I spent weeks figuring out what I wanted to do. It was rare for us to get so much freedom with our assignment and I knew this was an important module that would direct my future work. 

I've always dreamed of having my own underwear brand, and still do now. So that's when Derriere was born. Combined with a research paper on 'How Brands Can Promote a Different Ethos in an Already Established Industry', I looked at how my underwear brand could be contemporary and have a powerful message that was totally unrelated to seduction.

I played around with female symbols, creating patterns and shapes to develop an identity. This lead me to hand print a cross that features in the classic female symbol. I used a neutral colour palette to contrast the bright pinks and reds so commonly used by major underwear brands.

I knew I wanted to keep the logo simple. It needed to be easily transferable for labels and the marketing campaign, and I didn't want it to look girly or flirty. Using the same cross symbol as I'd used for the patterns, I incorporated it into a block typeface which could be filled or just line work.
Using these elements I designed a website and App to accompany the brand identity. Altogether I designed a website, App, look book, packaging, information and branding guidelines for the brands image that would keep consistent with the ethos:

"Want to feel fabulous for more than one reason? At Derriere we focus on uniting women. We want to build a community. A safe haven but an exciting thrill. We’re joining girls from all over the world through the love of underwear. Feel fabulous about yourself as well as the power of girls. Join us to be notified on talks, walks, and lunches. We’re an army of strong women with beautiful underwear; why wouldn’t you
want to be part of that?"

This project was featured on the University's news page as well as in the final year showcase. I really loved creating Derriere and hope that one day it might become a real brand!
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