Monday, 21 April 2014

Spring Springing

 photo IMGP0170_zps93ff6ef6.jpg  photo IMGP0165_zps81ae8a46.jpg  photo IMGP0171_zpsc27e1086.jpg  photo IMGP0169_zps687aea92.jpg  photo IMGP0166_zps89659fb5.jpg  photo IMGP0167_zps4ab38639.jpg  photo IMGP0168_zps503437ec.jpg  photo IMGP0172_zps9ef7d820.jpg  photo IMGP0175_zps05d03502.jpg  photo IMGP0173_zpsa1f06ef4.jpg  photo IMGP0174_zps1257a0c2.jpg

It's been a little while since I posted any garden photos, but I really think these were worth the wait. The colours growing in the different sections of our garden (courtesy of M+D), really are the epitome of Spring with pinks and purples mixed in amongst leafy greens and sprouting veg. We have a huge blossom tree at the end of our lawn that is covered in teeny white petals for only a week or two each year, and this year I managed to take some photos at full bloom before they covered the grass in a white blanket.

Living in a busy city makes you appreciate pretty personalised outside spaces that are yours to enjoy. Our garden never disappoints, but unfortunately I can't take any of the credit..

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