Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Lusting After Boots

You may have noticed on Twitter that I've been lusting after ankle boots, rather a lot. I only have four pairs, and considering those and my New Balance trainers are the only shoes I wear in these cold months, I think it's reasonable to, you know, keep an open mind and my options open, no harm in adding to my collection, right?

These equestrian clearance once are pretty much the brown version of my riding boots which I've worn an impressive amount of times this year, and I'm pretty sure I'll be hopping over to New Look on pay day to buy these Allegra style chunky boots as a comfy way of integrating heels into my 'nights out' wardrobe. I love the metal wear on the Missguided and Topshop pairs, and the ASOS pair bottom right grunge it up a bit with the laces and Dr Marten style cut. Which are your favourite?

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