Sunday, 12 January 2014

Chez Toi Coffee Cake

 photo IMG_2968_zps96fca7c9.jpg  photo IMG_2972_zpsbc7d5ac8.jpg You will need: 
A sachet of Chez Toi* coffee (or any regular ground coffee)
Ingredients for a Victoria Sponge...
Caster sugar
Three eggs
Baking powder
Vanilla essence
 photo IMG_2967_zpsecf4b4c9.jpg  photo IMG_2950_zps730b4b32.jpg Pre heat the oven to 180c.
 photo IMG_2951_zps220f415d.jpg Make up a cafetiere of the coffee and leave to one side.
 photo IMG_2960_zpsbb84a0a9.jpg Mix the cake ingredients together to make a regular victoria sponge.
 photo IMG_2954_zps4d674dab.jpg Stir in three table spoons of the coffee, and then half a tea spoon of the granules.
 photo IMG_2956_zpsc42b2d36.jpg Separate into two round cake tins and bake in the oven for roughly 15 minutes or until golden. Take out and leave to cool.
 photo IMG_2958_zps313e9e4c.jpg  photo IMG_2961_zpsdea9c988.jpg For the butter icing, stir together icing sugar and butter as usual, and then add a spoon of the coffee, and some of the granules for taste. These amounts will depend on your coffee flavouring preference – taste as you add!
 photo IMG_2963_zps04d46c49.jpg  photo IMG_2970_zps8e01bba5.jpg When the sponges have cooled, layer on the icing with a spatula and sandwich the two cakes together. The icing can be as neat or generous as you like! Enjoy! photo IMG_2965_zps3e422180.jpg  photo IMG_2964_zpsb1ed3b13.jpg  photo IMG_2969_zps384bd203.jpg  photo IMG_2971_zps69d6e77a.jpg

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