Friday, 22 November 2013

Spiced Winter Red Tea

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Whether November is considered winter or not, the Arctic has well and truly settled itself into Leeds now. If we can't tell by the forbidding bitter mornings when peeling yourself out of bed is one tall mountain to climb, then we can tell by the copious amount of times the kettle has been boiling in our house. I hadn't tried Teapigs before, purely because I'm more of a Tetley person and not much of a tea fanatic. However, upon being asked to review their tea of the month and being promised it was 'christmas in a cup', then I couldn't really say no and looked forward to adding it to our hot drinks collection. 

So amongst hot chocolate, chai latte, various types of ground coffee and Horlicks, this cute little Teapigs box (how can you not love the packaging?!) has now taken a proud place. Their promise was followed through and these orange, cloves and cinnamon with a red tea base temples, really are Christmas in a cup. One sachet of this warming mixture brings all those wintery flavours of mulled wine, minced pies, and a slight kick of cinnamon at the end of each sip. The perfect end to a positively wintery day, and a lovely present idea too. 

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