Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Little Loves: Bedside Candles

 photo IMGP9358_zps3a9bcb93.jpg

We've never been much of a candle family. They were always something to give as presents to friends or to light at a dinner party. However, as I've been more and more exposed to the growing popularity of candles in the blogging world, I've dived in and come out a lot happier than I expected on the other side.

Life's been pretty hectic recently, and with damp being a problem in our house having some scented candles on the go helps to keep that horrible smell at bay. I love lighting them in the evening whilst tidying my room and doing my evening skincare routine. It helps me wind down as I clamber into bed and sink into my cushions. After all, an unlit candle is a very sad looking candle.

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