Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Saint Gervais Thursday Market

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When we stayed here last year, we wandered along to the bustling market in the centre of the town on the Thursday morning. It wasn’t any old market, it had the traditional cheeses and sausages like you’d expect, but also an array of antiques and dusty nick-nacks that us magpies are somehow drawn to. We took our time sifting through old postcards and broaches, magazines and CD’s, before heading over to the patisserie stall where we were greeted with a belly loving display of home baked French delights.

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When my sister and I strolled down this time, despite being asked to purchase some pretty postcards and old photographs of the town to hang in our apartment, we were unfortunately met with numerous scarf and food stalls; no nick-nacks. After taking some pretty snaps of the local produce, we left with ‘une burquette’ of strawberries and raspberries, which I asked for in pure French, might I add. Despite our ‘sepia-toned-loving’ hearts leaving unsatisfied, the fresh framboises et fraises were delicious, and perhaps next year we’ll try again a little earlier in the season.

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