Saturday, 24 August 2013

Multicolour Aztec

 photo IMGP8896_zps4c4c899e.jpg  photo IMGP8884_zps931f48e3.jpg  photo IMGP8924_zps7c8e3812.jpg  photo IMGP8869_zpsc5c46dc8.jpg

Top: H&M | Shorts: Levi via eBay | Converse: Cloggs * | Necklace: Millie'n'Mae *

I'm sure many Uni students know that night life is a massive part of first year. There were only 4 occasions when I went out in Leeds this year and didn't wear shorts and converse. And considering I went out at least every week (in freshers I went out every night for three weeks #trooper), you can imagine how ruined my white converse were. Therefore this summer, I treated myself to a new pair of denim shorts, and received a very practical coloured black pair of converse from the lovely people at Cloggs. Despite the shorts being a little on the big side, I know they'll serve me well in Leeds for a second year as I continue to boogie my way through studying.

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