Friday, 2 August 2013

Little Loves: Garden Produce

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The last few weeks our garden has exploded in a colourful array of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and fruit. It makes for a spectacular display when you sit down for dinner and Mum says "Well all of this salad was from the garden". As much as we mock her hauticulture ways, it is quite special eating your own produce, and regular blind tasting tests prove to us just how easy it is to grow your own delicious food.

Both Mum and Dad work hard weeding, digging, watering, and pruning, not to mention netting to stop the pesky rabbits (and our cat) from having a nibble! The three different types of lettuce have nearly finished, as well as the kale and spinach, but we've still got cabbages, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, blackcurrents, parsnips, runner beans, onions, leeks, pumpkins, squash, and rhubarb to come - to my knowledge (although I'm sure there are more..).

My little fuschia is still going strong, despite the odd 'droopy' day. I repotted the other plant I've adopted that I can never remember the name of (all I know is it has pretty flowers), and I took a different response to 'helping' it and propped all the stems up with twigs (pro tip there for you guys). Now that it's in a bed it has ample room to grow, I just hope our waterers this week work their magic and it will still be alive by the time we're back on Tuesday...!

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