Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday Faces #53

This is one of my favourite pictures taken so far with my Polaroid Camera. It was taken on my birthday whilst we sheltered under the marquee in my garden to avoid the afternoon down pour.

I remember back in April when my friend and I were reminiscing about how quickly first year was going, and that I really did not want to go home. I felt like all the fun would stop and suddenly my social life would be put on hold for three months. Evaluating in an emotional outburst and bout of anxiety with the lack of plans I had made, making these three summer months seem quite daunting and empty. However, it has now become one of the busiest, and most exciting summers I've ever had, and is going quicker than I ever anticipated. The thought that I only have eight full days at home with no plans left before I start second year, just makes me even more excited about getting back up to Leeds.

So far I've completed a three and a half week placement, toured around Barcelona for five days with my best friend, written for two different fashion/beauty/lifestyle projects which I can talk about soon, met and filmed a video with Katie who was one of the first girls I started talking to when I set up this blog, spontaneously bought a V Fest ticket (are you going?), and this very here blog has been nominated in the Cosmo Blog Awards, Lifestyle section. I've still got a week in Crete with my family (this tuesday eek), a weekend of adventures in London with my Auntie, a reunion with my two oldest bestest friends when they're back from their four months travelling, a trip up to Cambridge pre V Fest, and a week with my family in our place in France.

It's been manic at work recently, which has made me realise how much I prefer working under pressure and when I have plans. I'm more likely to feel stressed when I don't have deadlines, or empty days in my diary. Having things to look forward to really helps me focus, and is definitely something I would recommend, whether it's tea with a friend, or a walk in the woods.

As I said before, I'm off to Crete on Tuesday for a week to catch some (more) sun. With things srsly taking off with my blog recently (hi all you new readers!) and a horrible few shifts at work, I can't wait to leave my laptop behind and relax by our wifi-free pool whilst having a much needed read. I've scheduled a couple of posts as there are some things I just can't wait to share, so I'll c'yas next week - hope you're having a good summer too!

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