Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sunday Faces #50

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Woah can't believe this is my 50th Sunday Faces! I never thought they'd ever really amount to anything, but a lot of you have said it's your favourite bit on my blog! This is scheduled as I should currently be living it large in Barcelona wheeey until Thursday :) I've scheduled a couple of outfit posts so you can't escape me that easily ;)

Yesterday was spent driving back from London in the morning, before changing into our shorts for a competitive game of badminton in the garden, twix ice creams, pimms, and a bbq. I also did a bit of packing here and there (one of my least favourite things to do), I'm so excited to get some sun and to soak in some culture inbetween sunbathing..!

I went to see Robbie Williams on Friday with a rather lovely Olly Murs as the support act. As you can imagine, we sung our hearts out and danced along to Rock DJ, Let Me Entertain You, and just about all the other tracks.. I'd never been to Wembley before and it really put the cherry on the cake being able to sit in the open air quite comfortably as the sun set.

Even though my Birthday was a couple of weeks ago now, I've teamed up with Style Fruits to launch a 'birthday giveaway' for ya'll with some lovely prizes .. good luck!

Hope you all have a good week whilst I'm powering through my hay fever and my lack of knowledge of the Spanish Language!

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