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Izzie: DIY Bunting!

Hi! I'm Izzie from 739051. When Sophie asked if I wanted to do a guest post for her I jumped at the chance! and as you all know, she's got a fringe, absolutely gorgeous and loves cats and baking. Definitely a winner in my books. I couldn't wait to get planning. 

I wanted to do something creative and as you all can see I went for making your own bunting in the end! You don't have to have any super sewing skills to make these or a sewing machine. You can easily sew them by hand using a running stitch it will just take a tad longer! It look me around two hours but I do quite a bit of sewing with my fashion textiles degree. It's also relatively inexpensive but obviously it depends what fabric you buy as the smallest amount you can usually buy is a quarter of a metre. I chose to do all one colour and this fabric is from Ikea at £5.00 a metre. The bias binding was from my local sewing shop and cost 40p per metre. 

What you will need:

  • At least half a metre of fabric
  • 3 metres of bias binding
  • A template triangle 
  • A pencil
  • Fabric Scissors (or normal, you just have to take extra care! & make sure they are sharp)
  • Pins
  • A sewing machine or needle and thread!

Start by cutting out all of your triangles. As there are eight triangles you need sixteen triangles for both the front and back. Don't worry about seam allowance. From the picture above you can see that the left triangle is the fabric the right way up. The right triangle the fabric shown is the reverse, it's a little paler and more blurry. This is the wrong side. 

Now pin the two right sides together so the wrong sides are on the outside. Make sure you double check this after you have pinned it just in case! It's something I'd do and then have to unpick it!

Then sew along the two bigger edges meeting at the point at the end so there is no gap. Sew about 1cm away from the edge or less if you feel confident. 

Once you have sewn it, then take the pins out and trim the edges. I got a bit snip happy at one point and cut too closely so I then had to re-sew it as it came undone. Well done me! And I've let on that I'm doing a fashion textiles degree, oops. I'm just a bit clumsy!

When you've trimmed the edges turn it inside out so the right side of the fabric is showing. Use your scissors closed to push the point through.

Time for the bias binding. This bit can get confusing so make sure you take it nice and slow! I marked the same amount of room on either end of the bias binding - approximately 30cm. (This is so you can tie it to things or adjust the length!) I then placed all eight of my triangles on equal distance apart and moved them around till I was happy with their arrangement. I then marked out all their places so I couldn't get confused- easily done!

Now place your bias binding flat like this. The first flap is open at the top and flat out. The second one is tucked under. As you can see from the fold I ironed it in half first to make it easier. You can see exactly where to place your triangle from the marks you made with the pencil earlier. 

 Now you need to pin it! Pin it with the pins closest to the top so it's more secure.

Then sew along the open flap. Approximately 3mm from the edge. Hopefully you can see this clearer in the picture above and the one below as it is a tad difficult to explain!

This shows where to sew along. You can do this either by hand or by machine. Note the bottom flap is still tucked under. 

 Do this for all eight triangles. 

 Now flip it over. It should- fingers crossed, look like this. The second flap is still tucked under at the bottom. The top flap you just sewed the triangle too is now folded over onto the main  part of the bias binding. 

Now bring the other side (the inside of the bunting) over onto the side with no stitching. Pin it down and sew again approximately 3mm from the edge this time starting from the start of the three metres bias binding and sew along all eight triangles and the gaps in between all the way to the end of the three metres of bias binding. This shall sew down the bias binding and you should see stitches on both sides. 

Unpin and there you should have it! Three metres of pretty bunting! I hope this tutorial has been easy enough. If you have any questions or queries don't hesitate to tweet me @739051 or email

let me know how you all get on, picture please! tweet me or instagram me! 
I'd love to see them :)

Thank you Sophie for letting me do this post and thank you for putting up with all my questions about guest posting! 

Izzie from 739051

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