Monday, 17 June 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow

 photo IMGP7188_zpsf4d35324.jpg  photo IMGP7244_zps8fc42aa8.jpg  photo IMGP7190_zpsdaf14bd2.jpg  photo IMGP7210_zps240bdf28.jpg  photo IMGP7192_zpsf9839096.jpg  photo IMGP7197_zps6ced4c3c.jpg  photo IMGP7239_zps6c6f6e40.jpg  photo IMGP7227_zps74f3b751.jpg  photo IMGP7217_zps411f185d.jpg  photo IMGP7231_zps7291098f.jpg  photo IMGP7234_zpsfbae2045.jpg  photo IMGP7258_zpsb990b1d8.jpg My ma and pa take great pride in our garden, and for good reason. It's an odd shape of three different layers, the bottom being quite marshy, and with a pool slap bang in the middle. We've lived here for over 12 years, and the garden was the last on the list of revamps. It's now looking beautifully spick and span with a mixture of multicoloured flower beds, raised veg patches, a rockery, and copious amounts of composting.

 photo IMGP7246_zpsf9151866.jpg  photo IMGP7184_zpsfed0114b.jpg  photo IMGP7264_zpsd85cad0b.jpg  photo IMGP7266_zps1ca53336.jpg

I took a little wonder around in the sunshine and took a few snaps of my favourite parts. It really was an adventure land for my sister and I when we were younger. With a tree house, pond, old disused pool changing rooms, and mud mounds galore, it was a haven of ray mears-esque adventures sporting odd 'dressing up' outfits to make a meal of mud pies wrapped in leaves and mint sauce, fit for only the finest of explorers.

 photo IMGP7250_zps71e9ef22.jpg  photo IMGP7265_zpsd784783e.jpg  photo IMGP7274_zps1161018a.jpg Now, our garden is more aptly used for parties, little tours around our garden which I think Mum secretly wishes was open for public viewings, and more sun bathing areas than you can shake a stick at. I guess gardens are the only things loving this warm and wet weather we've been having; ours has blossomed into something truly tropical and very photogenic.

 photo IMGP7277_zps87053ab6.jpg > photo IMGP7279_zps60ad5c3d.jpg  photo IMGP7282_zpsd7eebb90.jpg  photo IMGP7229_zps9d27f604.jpg

It's been an escape for tantrums, broken hearts, and summer nights, but will always be our secret little wonderland, changing as much as we do ourselves.

It was hard to choose, but I've tried to narrow these down, although it's still quite a picture heavy post!

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