Friday, 24 May 2013

Summer Series: Cocktail Time

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With the odd sunny day here and there, it’s the perfect time to get out your straws and stirrers and sip on some mocktails. Obviously for a lot of us, they’re more likely to be cocktails, but I tried my hand at some fruit juice delights and they turned out beautifully! I managed to find some Rubicon juice which specialize in ‘tropical juice drinks’ so make these mocktails a lot yummier!

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I find cranberry juice quite tart and after a whole glass, a bit unpleasant. However, mixed in with the sweetness and slightly thicker passion fruit rubicon juice, the tartness is balanced out. Add a bit of fizz with lemonade and it makes for a very refreshing drink.

   photo guavalemonade_zpsca466a3d.jpg

Guava's not a juice many people have tried, but it definitely tingles your taste buds and has an almost smoothie like consistency with a hint of banana. So to jazz this up a bit I stirred in a splash of lemonade and soon finished off the glass!

   photo guavapassioncranberrylemonade_zps6490ba7f.jpg

When I mixed all of my juices together, you can imagine the fruity yumminess it made, and topped off with some fizzy goodness, it's my favourite out of the tropical mocktails!

   photo guavapassion_zps4c8ba472.jpg

For a mocktail that's more on the smoothie side, I combined guava and passion fruit which created a truly yummy delight, and perfect for cleansing your palette after a meal.

However, if you’re looking to spice things up a bit for those summer parties, then have a peek at this video below from Spa Breaks to try your hand at some cocktail making!

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