Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Russian Doll

 photo IMGP6734_zps4709db2d.jpg  photo IMGP6731_zps6c3cdf67.jpg  photo IMGP6736_zps5912a01a.jpg  photo IMGP6745_zps94b536f9.jpg  photo IMGP6744_zps15ff56ba.jpg Jeans & Jacket: Topshop | Blouse: Ever Ours | Shoes: ASOS | Necklace: River Island | Bag: Zara

On Saturday my friend and I hopped on the train to spend the day in York. It was a lovely little escape and I wandered why we hadn't done it before as it's so easy to get to and such a beautiful city. I refurbished my love for these navy pedal pushers, but soon remembered they have the same annoying bagginess around my hips and stomach so sag down around the crotch (aint nobody got time fo dat?!). I've also found this cute russian doll necklace that I bought in the Christmas sales. My room at Uni is so poorly lit that I find myself just wearing the same things as I can never be bothered to rummage around in the dark. But since the sun's been streaming in through my window, I've found some old favourites of mine that I can whip out for this glorious weather we're having :)

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