Thursday, 16 May 2013

mib and i'm not talking men in black...

To many film fans, the acronym ‘MIB’ stands for a successful action sci-fi franchise, to others (like myself) it means a very attractive Will Smith, but it also means ‘Made In Britain’. Recently, British fashion products have been all the rage, and it’s easy to see why this is so. The likes of Kate Middleton have been rocking UK fashion all over the world, and the paparazzi and glossy magazines have taken note!

Style rewarded
A number of fashion companies from the UK were awarded for managing to crack into the international fashion market. In recognition of all they’ve done, some businesses were given the Queen's Award for Enterprise for International Trade, which is quite an honour for some to display pointing for the fact that they’re doing their best to keep the manufacturing of their items on home soil and with this actually contributing to British industry in more ways than one.

One firm, Tiffany Rose, have managed to become the brand of choice for some of the biggest stars in the country. Getting endorsement from celebrities who are seen wearing their range of clothes hasn’t done them any harm, while from their base in Surbiton, Surrey, they like to keep their production close to home.

No extra baggage

 photo 3b0e2cdb-021b-4236-85bf-491374104e91_zps5468ae14.jpg

Another brand receiving royal approval was the Cambridge Satchel Co. Like many of the award winners, their international expansion owes a lot to being worn by celebrities. As their homepage shows, singer Sophie Ellis Bextor is seen modelling one of their satchels, while presence in London has also helped.

Cosmetic retailers were also honoured too. Both Nails Inc. and I Love Cosmetics, both of which proudly display the Union Jack on their products show how good the UK is at making high-quality fashion products. Panache Lingerie managed to strike another blow for the fashion industry, especially for prizes which are usually given to the pharmaceutical and engineering sectors.

I think it's important for us to support and recognise British born and bread brands (hi english language alliteration). I'm not asking you to only buy form these retailers, but to y'know, give a nod in their direction, similar to when Regina and Cady give recognition to each other in the final scene of Mean Girls.

Image belongs to Cambridge Satchel

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