Thursday, 9 May 2013

Crackling and Fizzy Cola Bottles

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I've mentioned a couple of times now that my flatmate and I went on a little trip to York at the weekend. It's a beautiful city than manages to mix the old and new quite perfectly. There's something about wandering around cobbled streets with apple bon-bons and fizzy cola bottles in my hands, taking pictures of the photogenic architecture and basking in the early May sun, that made this day really perfect. Sometimes it's nice to escape a busy city like Leeds and do something different, and our pub lunch really put the cherry on the cake :)

After some encouragement from friends, I've nominated my blog in the Cosmopolitan Blog awards under 'Best Lifestyle Blog'. I'd really appreciate it if you could nominate my little blog too - I'm not expecting to win but it would be incredible if I was shortlisted! Head over here to vote and scroll down to the 'next page' bit for the form; please let me know if you have voted!

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