Thursday, 25 April 2013

Double Denim

 photo IMGP6498_zpsfa2f6667.jpg  photo IMGP6491_zps78f2b5d6.jpg  photo IMGP6499_zps6425d363.jpg  photo IMGP6488_zps7f417fcd.jpg  photo IMGP6504_zps28e6f468.jpg  photo IMGP6487_zps3e9c5771.jpg Jeans & Hat: Topshop | Shirt & Jacket: Vintage | Own Riding Boots | Watch & Bag: UO

I took the opportunity when I could and got some outfit snaps in the sun - and now it's grey and rainy. I've never really been into double denim as I've always found an alternative rather than teaming them together. But I hadn't given my denim jacket an airing in a while, so I thought, eh? why not? Paired with my trusty bowler which is the ultimate hair and fringe controller, I felt like a celeb wandering around in this hidden park.

I've heard a long the grape vine that Google are actually getting rid of GFC, so make sure you stay up to date and head on over to bloglovin'!

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