Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Chocolate Squares

Hey I know it's not Easter anymore but these were too yummy not to post!

You will need:
300g digestive biscuits
200g brown sugar
200g butter
200g plain chocolate (or whichever you fancy)
1sp vanilla extract

 photo IMGP6416_zpsf68a4896.jpg

First of all, line a square tin with grease proof paper. Now blitz together the digestive biscuits and brown sugar in a magi mix so that it makes little tiny crumbs that look like sand.

 photo IMGP6418_zps6369574c.jpg
 photo IMGP6420_zps1cd30c74.jpg

Then melt your butter in a a bowl over a pan of only-just-boiling water. When it's all melted, mix it together with the vanilla extract, biscuits and sugar in a large mixing bowl.

 photo IMGP6421_zps77de54d1.jpg

When there are no lumpy bits left, pat it all into your square tin and press firmly with the back of the wooden spoon or a spatula to ensure it's all spread evenly.

 photo IMGP6422_zpsa074044d.jpg  photo IMGP6423_zpsb894fd8e.jpg

Break up the chocolate into squares and melt over a saucepan like you did with the butter.

 photo IMGP6424_zps0db86803.jpg

Pour the chocolate over the biscuit base and tap the tin to bring out any bubbles. When it's still wet decorate with mini eggs or a treat of your choice!

 photo IMGP6426_zps7c607134.jpg

Now pop the tin into the fridge and wait a few hours for it to set. Once the chocolate's hard, take it out the tin and cut into squares and enjoy!
    photo IMGP6460_zps14cad910.jpg photo IMGP6461_zps16c13ddd.jpg

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