Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Polaroid Book

 photo IMGP6105_zps5bf19299.jpg  photo IMGP6068_zpsbaf3f183.jpg  photo IMGP6073_zps15806e6f.jpg  photo IMGP6078_zps00a23365.jpg  photo IMGP6085_zps62c23a49.jpg  photo IMGP6093_zpsc6b16837.jpg  photo IMGP6087_zps76ed2b59.jpg  photo IMGP6092_zps8c47ea41.jpg  photo IMGP6081_zpsaec0e6f9.jpg  photo IMGP6095_zps09cdb7b3.jpg  photo IMGP6102_zpsb37213b9.jpg

My sister gave me this photography book that dedicates it's pages to the beauty and simplicity of polaroid photos for Christmas last year. I've picked out just a few of my favourites, but there are hundreds more that I could show you! I think it's a shame this book remains primarily closed, but maybe one day I'll cover my walls with them so that not only you and I will see the prettiness and adventures within the images, but those visiting my room will too :)

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