Sunday, 31 March 2013

Sunday Faces #41

 photo IMGP5709_zpsb28835df.jpg

Even though I've been at home this week, I still feel like I've never really stopped. It hasn't been the chilled break I was hoping for, and I guess the downside of building work around the internet is that you can never really get away from it and 'leave work'. I'm back in Leeds now anyway and preparing myself for tomorrow's 30 hour coach journey to get to Spain for tour! I've got lots of little edible treats (raspberry and vanilla sponge, chocolate squares, hot cross buns) that I've saved up this week to help me make it through the journey. Unfortunately, it's going to be one of those trips when you can't fall asleep in fear of what you'll wake up with on your face. I've got a couple of posts sorted for next week though so I won't be completely gone!

On to more important matters .. urm hello sexy new blog design!? The lovely Steph from bonjourbelle designed this for me and I absolutely love it! I'm so glad I can finally have a design that I know noone else will have :) What do you think?

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