Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Faces #40

 photo IMGP6361_zps749fdd7d.jpg

This is me and my best friend and the only handsome picture of him we've ever taken <3 It's been lovely being at home this weekend, even though I've been stressing about uploading work (i seriously hate doing a course that relies on an internet connection!), and I've had no phone signal, it hasn't exactly been the relaxing weekend I was longing for. I had a huge lunch yesterday with my crazy gran, and a huge roast today with my Grandad, so at least I've eaten well! I even baked a banana and chocolate chip loaf yesterday when I gave up with the awful countryside internet connection.. watch this space ;)

I haven't got up to much else as I've had an extremely busy week Uni wise, and spent 9 hours travelling home on Friday :( I'm just looking forward to my escape to Spain when I go on Lacrosse Tour next weekend! Hope you've had a less stressful week than mine :)

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