Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Faces #38

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- Here's a lil sneak peak of this weeks outfit post.. yes I braved the Leeds bitterly cold February with no jacket (hardcore I know).. for about 20 minutes. Last week we had snow, and this week we had sun. Now how do you outfit plan for this weather?! Considering I have 30 minutes to get up and out the door for Uni most mornings, precision planning the night before is the only way I manage to get out on time and look reasonably presentable as I munch on my honey sandwich on the way to the bus stop.

- I've had a super busy week again with ups and downs, and can't wait to just chill out this weekend and bake rice crispy squares (watch this space..). I feel like I've had to grow up quite a lot this week and make some decisions I've been trying to avoid for a couple of years now. A friend in need is a friend indeed they say, so I'm sure things will brighten up, and hey, welcome to the real world Soph!

- Another massive thank you for my new readers who made it to 400 followers this week! I never really saw my blog as something that would get off the ground and up from the 100 follower mark. However, despite my lack of interest in the current RL trends or what the big people really think of what I wear and babble about, I'm so grateful that you're all still interested after a year! :) I'm trying to beat down my anxiety and hope to attend two northern bloggers (I'm really a southern girl lost up here) events in the next couple of months as I think it's time I met some of the beautiful ladies that I'm blogging alongside! See you there?

- I'm off to eat my body weight in honey on toast and turn up my lana del rey, bastille, and joss stone playlist; how was your weekend?

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