Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Faces #35 & 20 Facts About Me

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- Hey ya'll I'm back at Uni yaaay! Right now I should be at lacrosse training and probably dying from the cold and exercise..! Considering last week I was just packing up and tying up old ends so to speak, I thought I'd jump on the 'about me' posts band wagon as I love reading them!

1. Ever since I was born I've had some kind of skin illness/problem like chicken pocks, shingles, and I've now had acne for 6 years :(

2. I have abnormally cold hands and feet pretty much all the time, to the point where my toes will be purpley blue when I'm sat watching TV or when I get out the shower.

3. I've tried pretty much every sport, and I used to compete in swimming, golf, and the 200m for my school, and I'm now in the lacrosse team at university

4. I'm allergic to japanese rice crackers and bubble bath.

5. I don't like lamb because I think it tastes of wool.

6. I'm a cat person because I think they're a lot more interesting and intelligent than dogs, and I absolutely hate that 'dog smell' some people's houses have! Eurgh they're so dirty and noisy too

7. I once nearly drowned when I got trapped underneath a white-water-rafting raft in some rapids in Italy wedged against a rock, and I could hear my sister screaming my name, was genuinely terrifying

8. I suffer with anxiety and mild panic attacks and will get randomly anxious about nothing in particular at least twice a day

9. I hate phone calls and will do anything I can to avoid them

10. I really enjoy cleaning, I will jump at the opportunity to clean my bathroom! 

11. In the first term of 6th form I wore a different top everyday just to see how many clothes I actually had..!

12. I'm the only one in my family that hasn't been to grammar school

13. I have no cousins :( 

14. I've performed in a dance show in London's west end twice with different dance schools

15. My favourite perfume is Coco Channel Mademoiselle 

16. I hate horror films to the extent where I'll walk out the room and do something else if my friends put one on. I can't think of anything worse than terrifying yourself when you could be watching Hugh Grant in fits of giggles

17. When I was younger I wanted to be a radio presenter and I have loads of tape recordings of me pretending to have my own radio show (cringe)

18. I don't like toilet seats and hover every time

19. I used to try and fake my eye tests so that I could get glasses - it never worked and the optician actually said she doubts I'll ever need to have glasses ..

20. I hate shaving my legs I find it so monotonous 

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