Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Faces #34

2IMGP5944_zps8e3ce52a photo 2IMGP5944_zpsfd7d8c45.jpg

- In a bid to make up for all the days I spent in bed last week, Mum and I went full pelt at any gym class we could make it too. This has consequently left us hobbling about the house and being thankful we live on one floor. Although the two steps down to our living room have proven quite an obstacle to conquer. Maybe it's Karma getting back at our arrogance that we thought we'd be able to attend (compete against eachother) body pump, pilates, yoga and two 5k runs in one week, successfully. Nevertheless, I'm now on the road to recovery and can finally sit on the loo with no pain in my thighs, but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to overcome the embarrassment of asking for lighter weights in a body pump class of 8 other 60+ saggy women - who were all lifting 3kg or more - and being told the only lighter option was to lift the bar you put the weights onto.

 - I've had quite a good week actually, setting myself some goals, getting back into drawing, spending some quality time with mum, and I've even had two job requests that will hopefully be the start of my design/social media career (how scary is that word?!) jobs :) Not to rub it in or anything, I'm sure I'll have a bad week soon, I'm due one.

 - I'll be (finally) heading back up to University next weekend which I can't wait for! How has your week been?

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