Thursday, 3 January 2013

Purple Tartan Scarf


Scarf, Jumper & Leggings: H&M | Coat & Boots: Topshop | Shirt: Vintage

I can't get enough of these grey leggings, it's funny how a simple item can become one of my most warn. They replaced jeans and traditional black leggings for most of November/December and are now covered in delightful little bobbles. Yay. I picked this scarf up on a whim a while back in the Brighton H&M and don't think I realised how much I would wear it to the point my sister's bought the exact one when she realised I was taking it to Uni with me!

2012 was full of changes for me and all for the better, I think. I'm hoping 2013 will bring much of the same - bar all the exam stress! Happy New Year lovelies :) - (how long can we say this for?!)

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