Thursday, 24 January 2013

Percy Pig Cupcakes

2IMGP5765_zpsc9ff1df4 photo 2IMGP5765_zpsdc693694.jpg  photo IMGP5766_zps9c95d863.jpg  photo IMGP5767_zpsf60ef548.jpg  photo IMGP5809_zpsb2778ffb.jpg  photo IMGP5810_zps500b57fb.jpg

Unfortunately this isn't a recipe - otherwise I'd be making an unhealthy amount - as I was given the mixture from my parents (they know me well!) for christmas. So I guess I'm just trying to make you jealous that I was able to indulge in these vanilla sponge cupcakes with percy pig flavour piped butter icing and topped with the guys themselves. Of course not to mention the pink cupcake cases making them all that more aesthetically pleasing - as if we needed persuading?

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