Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Helping Hand

Jumper & Skirt: H&M | Blouse: Primark | Rings: Topshop, Raspberry Grape & Holidays | Necklace: Vintage

I asked my flat mate to take some outfit photos for me and we decided the only decent lighting in our flat is here, in the middle of my bedroom, so hello mess and graze box contents..! She also fancied herself as a photographer so got cosy on my desk to contrast the angles of your regular outfit photos.

I'm wearing this stripy top so much now it's becoming misshaped and kinda shrinking, which is a pain because it goes with so much in my wardrobe - considering 90% of my clothes are black or grey - so it's handy to slip on as another layer. I love the studs on the collar of my Primark blouse, I think they've got some really lovely things in stock at the moment, and even though the quality hasn't changed, I'm seeing more and more Topshop dupes every time I go in! 

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