Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Faces #26

- After a long hot shower this is the warmest I've been all weekend. Srsly has the Arctic come to Leeds or something? I've had open day students looking round our flat today and yesterday and they all came dressed head to toe in hats scarves duffle coats and gloves. More practical than I expect anything in my wardrobe is. I'm sure it never got this cold in the south east :(

- It's strange actually being a student here now, I feel like I should be booking on some open days and looking around halls rather than answering parent's questions like "is it warm?" "is it noisy?" OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO BE NOISY IT'S HALLS. I even had a mum ask if I'm allowed to pin things on my pin board..? Mum's are such worriers, honestly.

- I seem to be back on track with blogging and I love my course so apart from the slight issue of having no money and attending a lacrosse social on halloween with a christmas theme, things are going well atm :) How have your weekends been?

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