Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday Faces #25

- I look pretty tired here and b+w has done well to cover the bags under my eyes (boo) but hey I'm a student and it's a sunday i'm allowed to be tired. My body clock is messed up and i'm trying hard to get to sleep before 3am each day, but it's not going well. Anyone have any tips/tricks to send me off to zzz? How cool is my necklace by the way, it's like a bifocal and if you tilt it in the light it has a shimmering blue curve in the glass - cool huh?

- Hopefully I've got into the swing of blogging a bit more now as I've settled down into a routine of uni and lacrosse (st trinians wannabe) and I've got some new outfits I want to photograph for here so fingers crossed Leeds is a little less rainy this week? I've also just bought some lovely jewellery from Delilah Dust which I'll hopefully be posting in a few days :) I can't believe it's already October 21st?!

- If any of you guys and gals have a button they'd like to swap so I can pop it over there on my page that would be lovely - I want to fill up my side bar with pretty logos!

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