Saturday, 20 October 2012

Humble Abode

As I've been banging on about University so much I thought I'd show you a few lil snaps of my room and my gloriously green carpet (ew). My room's not too bad, it has plenty of storage and even though I'm looking into the courtyard, I get a lot of light and it means I can people watch 24/7. You can see I've also included a photo of my delish pasta lunch (that actually looks gross in the photo) - I'm probably now an expert at almost every pasta dish, and now that The Great British Bake Off has finished (boo!) I've convinced myself I'll be a culinary expert sometime soon.

Blogger says I've had "simple sophie" for a year now, but I don't really feel I've been properly blogging for that long. I didn't really get into it or establish my little space on the interwebz until March time this year, so I don't really think a 'blog birthday' comment is necessary. But hey - thanks for sticking around kids :)

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