Sunday, 30 September 2012

Sunday Faces #24

- I bundled home for the weekend (fri-mon) for a couple reasons; one being that both my flatmates were going home too and the majority of my friends so i would be alone, and some family friends were staying for the weekend so i wanted to see them too. After a 4 hour coach journey to london, a train to east croydon and then a wrong train to brighton, mum ended up picking me up in lewes and i finally got home friday evening after leaving leeds at 10:30 am! I've had a wonderful time just catching up and getting cooked for but thank fully i don't really think of this as home anymore and kind of feel like a stranger in my own room. I reckon this is a good thing though and I look forward to heading back tomorrow afternoon :)

- We all went to cheer my little sister on at her Rowing race this morning (I think she won but not 100%) and it was really great to get out into the countryside and have some bonding time! This afternoon was spent - after our huge lunch of risotto and crumble - clearing out some of my old school things which is always a good laugh. My twitter followers will have seen my tweets of some of the things i said in my old diary!

- I hope you've all enjoyed your weekends too, I feel like Autumn is really setting in now and can't wait to be wrapping up in jumpers and scarves in the evenings :)

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