Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Faces #22

- This is scheduled as I'm currently at the Paralympics yay :) I've had a busy weekend and a lovely one for that matter as I don't seem to spend that much time with my family now, and considering I'm moving out next weekend I like to treasure every moment of my family's company! (Not forgetting those days I wish I was at Uni already to escape the nagging) We spent the afternoon with my Grandma eating cake and drinking tea at her care home for the 'family day' they had arranged. I had my last shift at the pub last night (hello people at work who've found my blog) and the only thing good about that is now I can paint my nails without worrying about work ... I really have enjoyed working there. I know a lot of people moan about their jobs but I really don't at all!

- I'm getting my tattoo tomorrow (eek!) and spending the rest of the week packing and catching up with friends before the big move! I'm all ready now apart from the potato peeler I still need to get.

- Hope you've had a lovely weekend and got out the woolies now that September is well and truly here - since when did it get so cold in the mornings?!

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