Thursday, 6 September 2012


These are just a few things I've bought recently, most by the excuse of "they're for uni". A collared shirt and jumper are key pieces in my transseasonal/autumn wardrobe and after realising I only had 3 different collared items I was straight off to raid Primark's influx of blouses - srsly they had hundreds.

Yay my tattoo which is my surname - a nightingale. I've had some lovely comments on my previous two posts about wanting to see my tattoo so here you are! No it didn't really hurt, I actually quite liked it when he was sticking the needle into my skin (ew). He did it by hand as I wanted to keep the sketchy drawing effect of it so I think this is why it was a lot less painful than I had expected. And yes, my parents hate it.

You can see in the photo I'm in full uni packing mode and can barely get to my bed for all the boxes and bags! I seem to forget that Leeds has shops and isn't a foreign country! For those that are at/been to uni, do you have any things I should remember that you forgot or found useful? Dad's already sorted me a mini tool kit; hammer and all.

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