Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Patent Buckle Pumps

Jumper: Topshop | Jeans: H&M | Shoes: Topshop 

I wore this yesterday to go into town and book my tattoo (eek!) and soon realised I had way too many layers *insert moan about british weather here*. I want to get my tattoo done before I leave home and go to Uni as it symbolises my family name, and considering I leave for Leeds in 11 days I thought I better get round to booking it. I'm both nervous and excited to finally get it done and will post a pic Monday eve!

I spent the weekend at my Auntie's (hens no Sunday Faces post) and we went segwaying - coolest thing ever - remember that 'chimpanzee riding on a segway' video? YouTube it. 

Mum seems to think I need sturdy, durable shoes for Leeds as in her mind, it's like the North Pole up there, so I got these t-bar patent, buckle-up pumps that remind me of those sandals you'd wear in primary school with knee high frilly socks. I love them and have found them surprisingly comfortable! 

Just remembered I haven't posted about my results - I got into Leeds Met which is my insurance choice and wasn't overly happy with my results at all - but hey ho at least I got in! I'll be studying Creative Media Technology and I cannot wait for the 6/7 hour journey up on the 9th yaaaay!

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