Monday, 6 August 2012

Blue Bralet

Bralet: Topshop | Shorts: Berty Gerty | Sandals: Next

Another Italy outfit post, and one of my favourites. I love the blue tones and how I can dress this combo up or down. I also don't have to wear a bra with my top which is a major win! (Don't worry I'm not one of those women who never wears bras - I burnt my armpits and chest so wire was very uncomfortable!). I've had a super busy weekend with my dance show on Saturday and then worked all day yesterday - so I'm shattered right now with incredibly sore feet. You will have seen on twitter that I went on a road trip today down to Eastbourne with my sister, following a Tom-tom's instructions. We had great fun defying her directions and challenging her navigational skills! I would definately reccommend them.

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