Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday Faces #21

- Hello from Italy! Only 7 days until I'm home and it's lovely to see after making use of the free wifi that I've gained followers and still have traffic here even though I've been absent from the interweb! When I was away in Turkey a couple of weeks ago the thought of blogging and social networking when I got home started to stress me out and it made me question if I still wanted to blog. But I guess everyone goes through these phases eh? A friend of mine tried to sum up blogging by naming it a way to escape and to pretend to be a different person. But really, I'm not being a different person. Blogging allows me to exercise my love for writing and photography, and to widen my sense of outfit experimentation and appreciate that I can wear watever I like, despite what anyone thinks in RLife. 'Simple Sophie' has opened a lot of doors for me; socially and educationally. I may have an insignificant number of followers, and I'm sure a lot of my traffic is form my Auntie (hello!) and a couple of my friends (i'll be home soon!) but it doesn't bother me when I look at the surprising amount of interest for my bloggers picnic in August (email me if you would like to come!) and the returning readers to my blog. Rant over!

- I don't know why one of my eyes is smaller than the other here :(

- Hope all is well in the UK whilst I'm surrendering myself to the sun and tasting as much local wine as poss. 

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