Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Faces #20

- This is from Friday when I had my leavers prom; I'm wearing a navy blue playsuit and Topshop heels. It took me ages to actually find something I wanted to wear because I was so worried about someone else wearing the same! It was a bit of a faf in the end because it wasn't elasticated around my wrists so took ages to get off (avoided the loo as much as possible) and the zip kept unzipping down the back?! I had my make-up done at MAC and the make-up artist used the Nicki Viva Glam lipstick and I love it! Even though it's matte it lasted the whole evening and didn't dry out my lips like some other matte red lipsticks have.

- I'm going on holiday tomorrow morning (eek!) so I've been packing all afternoon working out which essentials I've forgotten to buy and that I only have one bikini for the whole week. Considering I'm going on a girls holiday to Turkey, I've realised I'll probably need more than one bikini :( skinny dipping anyone?

- I haven't had time or the inspiration to schedule posts for this week and I haven't been feeling 100% (is that what happens when you turn 18?) so soz in advance for my absence but you can still tweet me and send my blog some lovin'.


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