Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bows and bows

iPhone case: Bows - Iconemesis

After dropping my phone multiple times since I got it in April, I figured it was probably time to buy a case to protect it from my kitchen floor and to cover up it's cuts and bruises. I chose this one for my birthday and after a long wait and a complaining email, it finally arrived. It's a hard one instead of the gel-like ones you can buy as I thought it would have a longer life. I abselutley adore it and it fits so perfectly that I can't even get it off (weakling). There are some gorgeous and unique designs on the Iconemesis website that you can't find on the highstreet so I'd definately recommend a look!

I had a wonderful time in Turkey - thank you for the messages! - and cannot believe how boring and grey and dull and wet England is. I wish I was there right now! I'm going away again on Thursday (we're driving from here to Italy and stopping at places along the way) and I'll be spending this weekend in Paris so I can't wait for that and will be nice to spend time with my family. I'm hoping I'll get some photos taken tomorrow so that I can schedule some posts whilst I'm away as I won't be back until August.

Thank you for all the messages and comments whilst I've been away; hopefully I'll get back into routine blogging when I get back from my travels in August! Hope you're enjoying the British summer!

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