Thursday, 21 June 2012

What I'm Wearing 20/06

top: topshop | shorts: berty & gerty | belt: topshop  | necklace: topshop  | converse

 Whipped my shorts out in a bid to revel in the British sunshine which lasted all of two days. Hard to believe I was wearing this yesterday when I'm wrapped up inside today. If any of you have noticed, yes I have died my hair and it's supposed to be dark auburn? No matter what the colour my hair always goes dark when I dye it :( Although, I'd rather that than ginger locks. 

Unfortunately I've become obsessed with Big Brother this series. Never before have I scheduled my evening around BB in however many years it's been on. Personally, I want Deana and Lydia out, and Lauren to stay! Do you watch it?

After the response I got from my last Sunday Faces post about my ring collection, I've recounted and I actually have 57, and in no way am I lying. I'm considering taking some pics of them for a post?

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