Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Faces #18

- I'm quite an avid ring collecter; have been since I can remember spending my birthday vouchers on as many rings as I could buy. I actually counted the other day, and I have over 56. So this photo just shows a few rings that I'm wearing 24/7 at the moment. The wide silver ring is from a set, and the two either side I bought in Cornwall. I go through phases of wearing the same rings all the time, then loose them, and find some other ones to wear!

- I've been having a lot of problems with blogger recently - hense the empty blog this week! It's not letting me view my dashboard, and as I'm typing this it's in a strange font that I haven't chosen in settings (fingers crossed it will post as normal). I've questioned it on Blogger help forum but I've had no reply, booo! I keep getting an error code message, has anyone had this before?

- So I've finished school forever now woeeowowow! Thank you for all the good luck messages, my exams went okay, just fingers crossed now until August 16th!

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