Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday Faces #16

- Don't really like this picture, but I haven't got any others so hey-ho; and my hair is up! Yesterday was possibly the first time I posted photos with my hair up? It's actually quite a pain to tie it up because there's just so much of it and hair ties aren't strong enough! Been thinking of getting one of those hair donuts, do they work/stay in place?

- I finally finished school (forever) on Thursday, and the thought that once excited me now seems quite daunting that I'll be hours away at Leeds Uni in September!  Don't think I'm really ready to be an adult yet.. Still got 2 exams to go, my 18th (hell yes), my girls holiday and family holiday so still seems quite a way off.

- Happy Jubilee weekend?! Are we supposed to say that? Typically British weather and spent my afternoon in a riding school up my road undercover with hundreds (no joke) of neighbours I've never met before. - you might have seen my Twitter comment.

- Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend; I will be spending pretty much all of it procrastinating revising as I'm sure a lot of you will too (boo)!

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