Friday, 22 June 2012

Ring Collection

 These are some of my every-day rings that I can easily slip on for the day/week/month and not get irritated by them. I bought the tiny heart one (right hand, next to pinky finger, ring closest to nail) over 7 years ago when I was in Primary School!
 I won the deer ring in Mozzypop's giveaway and my sister gave me the heart ring about 5 years ago.
 I bought the green stone ring in China and I love the frog one that I got in the lanes in Brighton.
 The blue spiked triangle ring is one I bought in F21 in New York.
I bought the pink stone ring and the blue stone ring (both right hand) about 6 years ago when I first started getting pocket money.

These aren't all of my rings as lots are still in bags and pockets, but these are most of them and date from 2004!


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