Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What I'm Wearing 16/05

Skirt: Forever 21 / Top: Vintage / Jacket: Vintage / Hat: Forever 21 / T-Bar's: Red Herring

So this is my first outfit post in a month I think? It's nothing very interesting but figured I should post something as I've been absent for a while (except for Monday's post) but quite active on the Better Blogger Network so figured I should post something for my new readers to see! Speaking of the BBN, the interest has been crazy since it launched yesterday. I'm so surprised that there are now over 200 members from all different kinds of blogs. I really would recommend joining (I spoke about it in my last post), and I'm part of the Welcome Team so be sure to let me know when you join.

A pretty simple outfit, an old vintage find with a really cute pattern on and my go-to black skirt. I just chucked this hat on for lolz as it makes me feel like a superstar when I wonder around holding it on so the wind doesn't blow it off. 

How green does my garden look?! Was hoping I could catch one of the bursts of sun we keep getting every couple of hours, but I didn't get out in time. Hence the greyish background tones in these pictures!

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